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Dirk Wacker lives in Germany and has been a guitar addict since age 5. When not working at his guitar workbench, he plays country, rockabilly, surf, and flamenco.

Wiring Instructions

Contact him at info singlecoil. Guitars Bass Amps Pedals Players. This month we will begin talking about some of the most popular mods for Stratocasters. This modification is one of the oldest ones around. While its origins cannot be confirmed, some sources claim that it was the idea of the famous Western swing guitarist, Eldon Shamblin; others attribute the trick to one of the fathers of the Stratocaster, Bill Carson.

It will leave the 5-way selector switch combinations untouched and will add two other combinations. Simply drill a hole in the pickguard and install a small SPST toggle switch near your existing 5-way selector switch.

Wire it according to the following diagram: So how does it work? Position 1 of the 5-way selector switch activates the bridge pickup alone; by engaging your new toggle switch, you can activate both the neck and the bridge pickups together. Likewise, with the 5-way selector switch in the second position and the bridge and middle pickups activated, a flick of the toggle switch adds the neck pickup to the equation.

You can also route the bridge pickup to the toggle switch for a similar effect — simply use positions 4 and 5 to get the new sounds.

The neck and bridge pickups together sound great, reminding me a little bit of a Telecaster, albeit a lot fatter and more defined.

Give it a try and see what you think. If you actually enjoy standing out in the crowd, another cool way to perform this mod is to use a completely new pickguard with three individual SPST switches instead of the common 5-way switch. Until then, keep on modding! More videos from Premier Guitar. The Anatomy of the Stratocaster 5-way Switch. Get our email newsletter! Rig Rundowns Most Recent. Rig Rundown: Division of Laura Lee.

Rig Rundown: Unearth's Ken Susi. Rig Rundown: Perry Bean's Top Rig Rundown: Suzanne Santo. Your Pedalboards ! Not Be Amazing? On PremierGuitar. Sponsored Content is clearly labeled everywhere it appears, and Premier Guitar 's editorial department has no involvement in its creation.These two sounds are:. For the original 7-sound mod, we wired the neck pickup to a second switch.

For example, you could warm up the biting sound of the bridge pickup by mixing in a little of the neck pickup. As Fender buffs know, a standard Strat has three knobs—master volume plus two tone controls. This lets you stack two independent tone controls in the space of only one.

Mechanically, this is the spot where the pot clicks and goes completely open, removing itself from the circuit. To do this, use a small pair of needle-nose pliers to pry the case tabs open.

Remove the case and lift out the metal housing.

strat 7 way wiring diagram

Now lift off the carbon wiper tray with the soldering lugs. Place it in front of you exactly as shown in Fig. It should look similar, depending on the make of the pot. Now take a sharp tool—a razor blade, X-Acto knife, drill bit, Dremel tool, or a small needle file—and cut the trace where you see the red line.

I use a nut file to do this, but other scraping tools will work, as well. Finally, clean this area with a dust brush or something similar. Reassemble the pot and use the needle-nose pliers to push back each of the four case tabs.

With the pot fully opened—cranked all the way clockwise—it will remove itself from the circuit. This gives you a no-load pot, but without the detent feature. Depending on the pot, the polish will not stick to the carbon taper. This is with the pot shaft facing down and the lugs facing up.

Strat Style Guitar Wiring Diagram

Set your DMM to resistance. Fig 2. As you start turning the shaft counterclockwise, the pot works as normal. So, begin by desoldering your existing Strat wiring and then follow the schematic Fig. How cool is that? Incidentally, this mod works not only on Strats, but on all guitars that have three pickups and at least three controls. Until then Dirk Wacker lives in Germany and has been a guitar addict since age 5. When not working at his guitar workbench, he plays country, rockabilly, surf, and flamenco.The Seven-Sound Strat Modification is an easy mod that you can make to your guitar to give you more tone versatility, and despite its name, you can make this mod on any type of guitar that has three pickups and a five-way switch.

The five-way switch gives Strat players plenty of versatility in tone. This is exactly what the Seven-Sound Strat Mod also sometimes referred to as the Gilmour mod provides for us.

All we need to do to complete the seven-sound Strat modification is add a switch to turn the Neck pickup on and off, independent of the five-way switch. We can turn on all three pickups by selecting the Bridge and Middle pickup with the five-way switch and using the second switch to turn on the Neck pickup.

This gives us every combination of pickups and the largest variety of tones. As I have said, in order to complete the seven-sound Strat modification, you will need to add a switch to the guitar.

strat 7 way wiring diagram

If you have a guitar with a large pickguard, like a Stratocaster, that you can remove to access the wiring, then the mini toggle switch might be a good idea. The wiring for both is exactly the same and I will provide you with diagrams for each.

The guitar is a very low-voltage instrument and any small, decently built switch will probably last you a very long time. They will all be wired the same way. You will also want to make sure that the pot will physically fit into the electronics chamber of your guitar. For this post on the seven-sound Strat modification, I assume you have the guitar already wired up with a five-way switch and that it works fine. The wiring should look very similar to Fig 1.

You just need to solder two wires that go from the new toggle switch to the five-way switch. That was everything that you needed to do to complete the seven-sound Strat modification.

You should now be able to enjoy your new tones. You have taken an already incredibly versatile instrument and made it even more so. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Do you want to add a 'Tele' sound to your Strat? How about all three pickups at once? Try this Seven-Sound Stratocaster Modification. Fig 3 That was everything that you needed to do to complete the seven-sound Strat modification.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.This How to is brought to you by Pickers Parts. You can find all the components used here at www. Step 1 — Install the potentiometers and swtich. Here we install the potentiometers and 5 way switch as shown in the Step 1 picture. Use a screw driver and hand tighten the screws for the switch.

Using a wrench, tighten the potentiometers securely without much force. Step 1 — Install Switch and Potentiometers.

Step 2 — Solder the Capacitors. At Step 2, we solder the orange drop cap to tone 1. Mods are available for the experienced. Step 2 — Solder Capacitors and Resistor. We make several solder connections. A one solder procedure. We solder the hot wire at the volume pot middle connection. Step 5 — Solder in Tone Controls to Switch. For Tone 1 we solder the middle position to the switch as shown. This is the neck pickup control. For Tone 2 we solder the middle position of the lower TBX pot to the switch as shown.

We daisy chain the bridge and middle pickup at the switch and make one connection to the TBX pot. Step 5 — Soldering in the Tone Controls.

strat 7 way wiring diagram

We only use the lower left two pins. Be sure to grab the loose wire from Step 3, this goes to the upper pin. Here we solder the three ground leads from the Volume pot. The three leads are as follows:. Step 8 — Solder the three grounds from volume pot. Step 9 — Install and Solder Pickups. Here we mount the pickups to the pickguard according to the installation instructions provided by Tonerider. We also connect them to the 5 way switch using the loose wire from Step 6 at the Bridge.

We Solder the three pickup ground wires to the pickup can. It can save time and frustruation by tinning these wires prior to soldering them to the volume can. This setup is absolutely awesome and is available either via individual components or prewired from our custom shop.

7-Way Stratocaster Wiring Mod

Check out www. A super switch can help but still only leaves you 5 settings. Have you seen an actual 7 way switch available? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.If you're repairing or modifying your instrument and need to see a wiring diagram or some replacement part numbers, these service diagrams should help you get started.

This list is by no means comprehensive, and documentation for other models will be posted as it becomes available. For Service Diagrams for instruments currently in production, please visit the instrument listing on Fender. Note: Modifications to an existing Fender instrument currently under warranty, or service performed on a Fender instrument currently under warranty by any person other than authorized Fender service centers and technicians holding a certificate of warranty service authorization for the period during which the work was performed, will void the instrument warranty.

Note: Most of our older guitar parts lists, wiring diagrams and switching control function diagrams predate formatting which would allow us to make them available on this page as PDF files.

If you do not find the list or diagram for your specific instrument on this page, we may still be able to furnish you with a "hard" copy from our archive. You may check the availability of older material by contacting Fender's Consumer Relations Department by phone at If we have the document you seek, we're happy to send you a copy. The table below lists instruments by model name, part number and document revision date: Note: All part numbers and specifications in each document are subject to revision, change or discontinuation without notice.Import 5 Way Switch Wiring Diagram — import 5 way switch wiring diagram, Every electrical structure is made up of various distinct components.

Each part ought to be placed and linked to other parts in particular manner. To be able to make sure the electric circuit is constructed correctly, Import 5 Way Switch Wiring Diagram is required.

How can this diagram aid with circuit building? The diagram provides visual representation of an electric structure. On the other hand, the diagram is a simplified version of this structure.

This makes the process of assembling circuit easier. The first element is emblem that indicate electric component in the circuit. A circuit is usually composed by numerous components. Another thing which you will discover a circuit diagram would be traces. Lines in the diagram show how each element connects to a another. The order is also not logical, unlike wiring schematics. Diagram only reveals where to place component in a place relative to other components inside the circuit.

One thing that you must learn before reading a circuit diagram would be the symbols. Every symbol that is exhibited on the diagram reveals specific circuit component.

The most common components are capacitor, resistor, and battery. There are also other components like floor, switch, engine, and inductor. It all depends on circuit that is being built.

Sometimes, the wires will cross. However, it does not imply connection between the cables. Injunction of two wires is usually indicated by black dot on the junction of 2 lines. Colours are also utilized to differentiate wires. Ordinarily, there are two chief kinds of circuit links. The primary one is known as series link. Because of that the electrical current in each and every part is comparable while voltage of the circuit is complete of voltage in every component. Parallel link is much more complicated compared to string one.

Unlike in string connection, the voltage of every element is comparable. This circuit contains branches that are passed by different electric current levels. The current joins together when the branches match. There are several items that an engineer should focus on when drawing wirings diagram. To start with, the symbols utilized in the diagram should be accurate.

It must represent the specific component required to build an intended circuit. After the logo is wrong or uncertain, the circuit will not function since it is supposed to.

It is also highly advised that engineer draws favorable supply and damaging source symbols for better interpretation. Meanwhile the negative source symbol is place under it.This wiring allows you to get tones similar to humbucking pickups, as well as single coil combinations not normally available.

You even get thin, pawn shop guitar tones! All done without permanently altering your guitar. A hint taken from a review of a new signature guitar prompted me to see how his original guitar is wired.

I'm pretty positive that this is it.

strat 7 way wiring diagram

Wiring Highlights: 3 single coil wiring : the "Mega Strat" revision 4. The following diagrams are shown as wiring diagrams rather than schematics for the benefit of the novice. ALL of the diagrams below may be adapted to any volume and tone control arrangement. It is important to understand the concept of the volume and tone controls to adapt some of these diagrams to your guitar. If the diagram you wish to use does not show volume and tone controls, use another diagram as reference and see just how these controls work.

It shouldn't be too difficult, and once you see how these controls are wired, you can easily add them to any diagram. Commercial licensing is available. Please contact GTC for details.